Accounting Flow Consulting’s service packages include (please contact us for pricing information):

  • Base package

Licensing, along with policy and procedural manual.

  • Business plan package

Licensing, policy and procedural manual, organizational chart, business plan, pro forma, office discovery, zoning coordination.

  • Property aid package

Business plan package + assistance with housing component.

  • Total assist package

This plan incorporates all of the aforementioned items, as well as: identifying and coordinating with a health inspection, business tax receipt, financial viability statements, treatment resource affidavit, affidavit of GMC, business plan, vehicles/insurance, property and liability insurance, just to name a few, or in other words: this includes every aspect of opening and operating an intensive outpatient program. 

In addition to the initial push for services we are able to offer assistance with construction of the treatment model itself, all the way to long-term operational and marketing assistance.